April Shower is an Assam based rock band, active since 2003. The current members are Pallav Phukan aka John (vocals, guitars), Dibyo Jyoti Baruah (drums), Ujjal Phukan (lead guitar) and Jitu Das (bass guitar). Their musical genres include Classic Rock and Hard Rock. They have been travelling across the nation performing onstage, recording music and are presently working on incorporating folk instruments into their music.We are very excited to have them here @ CAFE HENDRIX, Guwahati.



Pallav Phukan aka John (vocals, guitars) reminisces about the time when they had toured the North East for a consumer rights show called Jaago Grahak Jaago. “It was amazing”, he said. “The way we connected through music with the mass struck a deep chord within.” John has performed in various shows in IIT Guwahati, AEC etc. He has worked on a number of original compositions as well. He’s even worked on an Assamese album. His musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and currently he’s into World Music as well.


Dibyo Jyoti Baruah (drums) thinks musicians today are rather conflicted. They have to play various kinds of music. They shift and adjust their style of playing, due to different reasons. “Its like a khichdi!!”, he jokes. He for instance listens to everything from Pop Music to Death Metal, plays western music and loka geet as well!! He had played with the renowed keyboardist- Late Nupur Bordoloi. He had been engaged in bands from Calcutta and Shilong. Currently he’s engaged in a fusion music project with a band called Suryansh.


Ujjal Phukan (lead guitar) is passionate about composing music. In 2008, he had toured with his band to Bombay and Ahmedabad performing onstage and also recording for their album. Currently he’s working on incorporating folk instruments into his music. He’s influenced by Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Jimi Hendrix.Jimi Hendrix according to him is truly a guitar marvel.


Jitu Das (bass guitar) says “I am profoundly influenced by Steve Harris!!”, he quips. “I have no words. At times I breathe Steve Harris. His dedication to music and his band- its fantastic.” Jitu Das has performed in a number of shows in Upper Assam and has thoroughly enjoyed them.He says that Jimi Hendrix has achieved so much in such a less time. He’s an epitome of hard work and fruitful results.


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