Colossal Corp

From Left to Right: Sarfaraj, Farhad, Subrajyoti, Pitu

Colossal Corp

Band Name: Colossal Corporation
Genre: Acoustic
Members: Vocals – Farhad
Guitars: Subrajyoti, Sarfaraj
Bass: Sanjeev
Influence: Mr.Big, Extreme, Vanhalen, Whitesnake, Bonjovi, Incubus, Europe, whitelion
Until now:

  • Debut performance on the 50th TNT pub rock fest

  • Performed at the acoustic jam @ café Hendrix

  • Opening act for Lou Majaw at basement jaxx

Colossal Corp. was formed in sept.2010, with a jest to dish out real acoustic music to the people, and by the people. It initiated with acoustic guitars and powerful vocals in their sleeves, and now has joined by a promising bass player. Our idea of music is to merge all the heavy metal, glam metal, classic rock, funk metal into an acoustic guitar!!!

So let’s hope our idea comes alive.
Future projects lies in introducing the concept of progressive bluegrass.


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